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Category: Romance | Posted: December 10, 2019

You’re in love, you’ve got the ring, and you’re are ready to pop the question to your beloved in Atlanta. But a proposal is not just about the question — it’s about the whole experience, and one of the most important aspects of planning a proposal is choosing the location. The proposal spot you choose will set the tone for this special event and be a part of your relationship history, so you want it to be meaningful. Choosing the right place will make your proposal that much better and will wow your partner.

Your proposal will be a story you’ll both remember and talk about for the rest of your lives, so choose a memorable location that speaks to both of you. If you’re just not sure just where to propose, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite spots in the city that are perfect for proposals. Whether you are looking for something more classic and romantic, or creative and adventurous, there’s something for every couple here in Atlanta.

How to Choose a Proposal Location

When you’re planning out your proposal, consider your dating relationship and your history together. If there are any locations that are sentimental to you as a couple, they could be extra meaningful as a proposal site. The site you choose should reflect the two of you as a couple and some aspect of your relationship together.

Go back to the site of your first date or another memorable spot from your dating history, or choose a new location that will wow your partner with the beauty of the scenery, your creativity, or an adventurous experience. Just be sure to consider your partner’s personality and likes. You’ll want to pick a place where you both feel comfortable. If your partner is not enjoying the experience, the big question is not going to go over as well. Consider whether your sweetheart would prefer a more intimate, quiet proposal or one where you’re the center of attention in a more public place.

Do you think your partner would prefer this special day to be just the two of you, or would they want to share the news right away with family and friends? One option is to include some friends or family in on the surprise and have them waiting nearby to celebrate with you. Consider hiring a professional photographer to be at your proposal site to capture the special moment so you’ll have those memories captured forever.

Hire a Professional Photographer to Capture the moment

We’ve collected some of the best places to propose in Atlanta in this fun list to get you started. We know you’ll find the perfect spot for your special moment! Call the location of your choosing ahead of time to make any necessary reservations or arrangements. Many of the spots we’ve listed can help you arrange your proposal, making it even more special. As an added bonus, many of them also serve as wedding locations, so your loved one might be inspired to plan the wedding in the same location, too!

Creative and Artistic Proposal Spots

If you and your partner met during an art class, you enjoy some DIY projects together, or you love exploring all of the fine arts, these proposal options will be right up your alley. Start your engagement amidst classic art history, fresh modern art, or while enjoying a theater production. Atlanta is rich with the arts, and there are many great locations for an artistic proposal steeped with creativity.

1. High Art Museum

If you and your sweetie are into art history and culture, what could be a better backdrop than Atlanta’s own High Art Museum? One of the country’s leading art museums, this location provides plenty of art, history, culture, and Instagram-worthy spots to pop the question. Find a meaningful piece of art to propose in front of, or plan your visit around one of the museum’s special events that include cocktails, concerts, and themed nights.

2. Art on the Atlanta Beltline

Art on the Atlanta Beltline is a loop of reclaimed rail lines spanning more than 20 miles around the city’s core. It features both temporary and year-round exhibits and displays of public art. The parks and trails along this line are full of interesting and beautiful works of art, including huge murals that would make great backdrops for a special proposal for any lover of art. Immerse yourselves in a romantic stroll full of color and culture in this creative location. Check out their many temporary exhibits and special events for a date that includes music, theater, fashion, and more. Hire a photographer to capture your special moment in front of your choice of murals for special memories you can keep forever.

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Art on the Atlanta Beltline

3. The Fox Theater

The world-renowned concert and event hall, The Fox Theater, is an architectural gem and a creative choice for a magical proposal. It was designed in the late 1920s and inspired by the ornate architecture of the mosques of Spain and the Far East, as well as the temples in Egypt. This gorgeous theater now hosts concerts, theater events, and more. Choose a show that you and your partner would love, and then plan a surprise proposal under the sparkling lights of the marquee.

Adventurous Proposal Ideas

For the thrill-seeking couple who love interesting experiences as much as they love each other, Atlanta delivers. For more adventurous proposal ideas in Atlanta, think about some of your favorite activities together. If you are sports fans, consider proposing at your favorite stadium or during a game. Or plan an exciting day on the river and propose from your kayak or stand-up paddleboard — just don’t drop the ring in the water! Consider these other great locations for an adventurous Atlanta proposal.

1. An Atlanta Movie or TV Tour

If you and your partner love to watch movies together, what better way to celebrate than a tour of film settings around Atlanta? From Gone With the Wind to the Walking Dead, more than 1,500 movies and 20 TV shows have been filmed in Atlanta, and a variety of tours are curated around different themes. You’re sure to find one that includes some of your favorites, so you can propose right in front of an iconic movie location.

2. Helipad or Helicopter Tour

Set up a helicopter tour to see all of beautiful downtown Atlanta or the surrounding landmarks and natural beauty — all from the air. Choose from several different tours for the most meaningful trip for you. Get a unique perspective on the city and propose above your favorite spot. Or if flying isn’t your thing, you can rent out the helipad without the helicopter ride, to set up a gorgeous rooftop proposal and still have sweeping views of the city.

Natural and Outdoorsy Proposal Spots

If you’re the type of couple that loves spending time outside, a proposal location in nature is a great idea. Atlanta is full of beautiful parks and gardens to explore, so choose one that has special meaning to you as a couple or pick a new spot for a fun surprise. For some of the best places to get engaged in Atlanta, look to nature. From serene urban gardens to adventurous hiking trails and everything in between, you’re sure to find a natural setting fitting for your unique proposal.

1. Atlanta Botanical Garden

If you and your beloved love flowers, the Atlanta Botanical Garden would be a great location for a flower-filled proposal. Since 1976, the Atlanta Botanical Garden has been a destination for anyone inspired by nature. With a variety of themed gardens on display over 30 acres of outdoor space, there’s much to explore. Pick one of many little garden alcoves for an intimate moment to propose, or choose a larger garden area and invite friends and family to join you in your celebration. Find your sweetheart’s favorite flowers among the many on display in the gardens or attend one of the garden’s concerts or events for even more fun and entertainment.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

2. Arabia Mountain

Located just outside of Atlanta, Arabia Mountain offers gorgeous sweeping views of the surrounding areas with multiple hiking trails to explore, reflective lakes, as well as historic sites to visit, and is a great location for nature-loving, outdoorsy couples. This gem of a Natural Heritage Area boasts more than 400 million years of natural history on view — a perfect place to ask your partner to be yours forever! Plan a hike up the mountain — about two-thirds of a mile to the summit — and pop the question at the top amidst the scenic views.

3. Piedmont Park

This gigantic urban park right in the heart of Atlanta features city skyline views among natural landscapes. Piedmont Park has an endless variety of things to do — you can find just about any outdoor activity in this beautiful park. Plan a romantic picnic in the park with your love, along with a long walk among the landscaped grounds. The Clara Meer Dock, on the west corner of the park’s lake, is a highly recommended and classic proposal location, but with everything from walking paths, gardens, swimming areas, a green market, and concession areas, you’re sure to design a day as special as your relationship.

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4. Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is an Atlanta institution, and this lovely park and recreation area has something for everyone. Hike up to the top of this quartz mountain, or take a scenic ride on a Swiss gondola and pop the question at the summit. Celebrate your engagement in this fun-filled park with whatever you and your partner enjoy — hiking and biking, golf, boating and kayaking, or camping. Stone Mountain Park is also host to Atlanta’s only snow-covered tubing hill, so you can enjoy the sun and snow all in one amazing, picturesque day. You could even make a whole weekend of it with numerous campgrounds and resorts, and many festivals and events to attend.

Classic Atlanta Romance

If you’re a true romantic, you may want a classic location for your Atlanta proposal. You’ll want a tried-and-tested Atlanta landmark to pop the question to your beloved. All of these classic proposal ideas in Atlanta provide tons of romantic appeal, great views, and memorable experiences.

1. Jackson Street Bridge

Known as the “quintessential Atlanta view,” the Jackson Street Bridge is one of the very best places for views of the city skyline. The street is usually not too busy with car traffic and has pedestrian lanes, so it’s a perfect place to pause and enjoy the city scenery. For anyone who loves the city life, this location is a great place for a proposal — and it doesn’t cost a cent to visit! Sunsets are especially breathtaking from this gorgeous spot and are the perfect time to plan a walk across the bridge with your partner. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures in this stunning Atlanta hotspot.

Jackson Street Bridge

2. Skyview Atlanta

What could be more romantic than a Ferris wheel ride? This 200-foot tall ride offers climate-controlled gondolas and unparalleled cityscape views. Skyview Atlanta has VIP packages, an “elevated” date night package, as well as regular ride tickets. Propose at the top of this beautiful 20-story Ferris wheel ride while you enjoy the view of Centennial Park and the city lights of the Atlanta skyline with your loved one.

3. Freeman’s Mill Park

For a unique, historic experience, Freeman’s Mill Park has several beautiful spots perfect for proposing. With 12 acres to explore, walking trails, and a restored gristmill, this park is full of old-world charm. Pop the question in front of the working mill, the lovely stone bridge, or the waterfall on the Alcovy River. Spend the day here immersed in history and natural beauty.

4. Atlanta History Center’s Swan House

If you and your partner love local history and gorgeous architecture, this is the proposal location of your dreams. Spend an afternoon exploring the exhibits at the History Center, and then make your way to the nearby Swan House — a stately home from 1928. Step back in time and tour the house and grounds, pausing on the grand circular staircase inside or the gorgeous garden stairs in the back of the house for your proposal in a classic, historic setting. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairy tale at this unique Atlanta location.

5. Centennial Olympic Park

A classic Atlanta landmark, and beautiful urban park, Centennial Olympic Park opened in 1996 for the summer Olympic games and was then re-designed for daily public use. With gorgeous views all around, there are many ideal spots in the park for proposals. Check out the Fountain of Rings schedule and propose during the musical fountain show, or pick any of the other beautiful water features, gardens, or monuments to use for a backdrop to your special moment. Throughout the year, the park is host to many special events and festivals so you can plan the perfect, memorable day with your partner.

6. Catch 12

Perhaps you prefer the classic romance of a marriage proposal over an elegant date-night dinner out. Make a reservation at this popular, upscale Atlanta restaurant, located in the heart of the city, at the elegant Twelve Hotel Autograph Collection. Enjoy award-winning, chef-driven cuisine in a romantic atmosphere, and pop the all-important question over a bottle of champagne and dessert.

Or if you choose another fantastic Atlanta landmark from this list for your proposal, keep the special day going and come to Catch 12 to celebrate your engagement afterward. The world-class food and excellent service will be a perfect match for this important occasion.

Catch 12

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